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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Moving to site soon

Ok first of all I would like to apologize (especially to aunt karen) for my poor grammar... my head is so full of thai grammar and language that worrying about grammar in english just never occured to me

Just an update, tonight is my last night in my host family house, my meh breaks my heart because she helped me pack and she would cry, but I was able to talk to her about how to get to my site from her house by bus in Thai (using a lot of the vocabulary that I learned in language class which made my ajang very happy) on Saturday my training class will be traveling to Bangkok for our last week of training, we swear in as volunteers on Friday and then we go off to site with our counterparts, aka nice thai people who don't speak any english, so it should be interesting.

Im not sure when I will be moving into my own place at site, but when I do Ill let you all know, but not on this site because that is not allowed

I love you guys and i am sorry that I dont keep in touch better, that will hopefully get better after training when my time becomes my own again,

and lastly

I would just like to share this picture with you all because it was like pulling teeth to get my family to pose for this, they kept saying it would be
"mii suai" which means "not beautiful"
my answer to that was "that's the point"

I just think its great

Love ya and miss ya,


Friday, March 10, 2006

Yeah I know I don't get to the internet cafe very often

This is the house that I have been living in for the past 2 months with my host family (pictures to come later in post)

This is my host family mom or Meh in thai her name is Aloom and I don't think she could love me anymore if I were her real daughter. She tears up when I mention moving to my permenant site. She is so freakin cute. By the way she doesn't speak any english but she does slap my butt when I come home late cause she worries. I just thought that was funny.

This is my Host family sister Aui (pronounced oo-ee)
She's 26 and her favorite past time is making fun of me, the farang (Foreigner) who lives in her house. And of course me being me, I have to get her back as much as possible


These are my cousins, Nong and Em, they spend their days teaching me Thai words that I will never us in my life, words like See-saw and Pirate. They also like to make fun of me, That is pretty much the biggest running theme in Thailand, we are here to amuse the locals by falling off our bikes, eating chili peppers by accident, and pretty much making asses of ourselves as much as possible, all of which I have done a lot and often.

They also like to make fun of me for wearing a helmet, something I could be sent back to america for not doing, and something they should be doing anyway, ok ill get off my soapbox now

This is the view of the sunrise out the front door of my house, over the rao chaya river( I think that's the name, I should probably pay attention more)

And now the view of the sunset out of my backdoor, now this i know for sure is rice fields, with a little cucumber (which my meh grows and sells at the market) and corn thrown in there

And now some beautiful pictures I have taken while I have been here

An ancient wat in Auythia (outside of Bangkok)



A "Graveyard"for broken spirit houses, religiously it is wrong for buddists to destroy them so they put them all together.

This is me learning to weave a fan from a group that makes them from bamboo, I worked with the group during training to make them business cards and a brochure to give out at the market to increase their business, sorry i know business talk is boring ill stop now

This is the grandmother who befriended the volunteer that I went to visit, I just love this picture

That is my friend Julia holding a big knife, this is the image the grandmother from the picture above was smiling and laughing at

and last and definately not least this is my ajung (teacher)
she has been teaching me thai for the last month and she is great, we have taught her phrases like brown nosing, dumb ass and other such useful terms

alright thats all for now
ill be sure to post pictures of the americans that i have met next time

Miss Y'all

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Alright I sucked it up and created a blog, ya happy

I have to say that I am usually so against sites like this
but since i am so bad at keeping in touch with people i figured this would be the easiest way for y'all to know what i am doing and also how i am doing

so i'm doing pretty okay in this incredibly random country called thailand
- the language is difficult but i pick up more and more everyday
- my host family is great- i come home at the end of the day and we make fun of each other (mainly me making fun of myself to make them laugh, which is just what i do)
- my fellow trainees are wonderful, we are one big (most of the time happy) family, the support that i have recieved is simply amazing

ok i have to go but ill write again soon