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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sorry... Nuf said

I know I know its been forever and im sorry... but with the horrible internet access at my site and such its hard... although i know 4 months is pushing it...
Well i went to India and then came back... several months ago
It was amazing although i was still happy to come back to Thailand the only thing that would have been better would have been getting to come to America to see everyone...
My mom is currently in Thailand but not with me... she is doing her Healing the Children gig in Bangkok, although i was able to tag along for a couple of days and it was amazing... while I prepare for my first big event/project in Peace Corps, the HIV/AIDS Camp that Wesley and I are planning that is going to be held next week... mom will be flying up to me on Saturday for a week of "Becky is Super Busy" Fun.
Also the night that Mom flew in the new group of Trainees came in, so my mom came to the airport to greet them with all of us... and here are some pictures. Sorry they are so small... I took them from a friend's website...

Lets spin Paulo around in a luggage cart after a few beers and see if its still a good idea afterword... The answer to that is... NO ( the other two dudes in this picture are Tex and Mark)

Bonnie and I with some welcome signs

This is my friend Welcome... as you can see she was amazingly creative with the sign she came up with.

And then as the buses with the new Trainees left we felt that the situation warrented a dance session...

well I have been here for a year already and I only have 15 months to go... before you know it ill be back stateside to bother y'all in person... but for the time being...
I love you and miss you
See most of you in July when I come home to see Sab tie the knot


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