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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Long Time No Talk- Part 1

Sorry about the blank post, everything that could have gone wrong in the internet cafe... did in the past 3 weeks...

so this post is pictures from site...

the little girl on the right is one of my favorite kids at the daycare... when i go in there she is the first to come running across the room to attack me... i love it

There was a talent show at the school in my town... one of my little girls that I play Uno with asked me to come and watch her dance... she is not in this picture but these kids look so funny... i know thats mean but they do... the little boy in the red in front of the girls is singing into the mic

these kids also look funny and the dancer all the way on the right in the blue was the best out of all of them... and he is a boy... here in thailand they are called gatuis... or ladyboys... and they are great... they may dress like girls but they are still boys... this one threatened to punch another boy who was making fun of him

these three are dressed in traditional thai dress... the one in the orange outfit in the middle is the one i came to see... i almost didnt recognize her with all that make-up on

a bunch of teachers from my school

this is the huge spider that gave me a heart attack the first night that i slept in my house... I was on the phone with my friend Bonnie and i saw it run along the wall... I screamed and killed it with a flip-flop... then i took this picture of it next to a business card... now just imagine it with its super long legs stretched out and long and ewww....

This is my new roomie... i have 3 or 4 huge frogs living in my front room... they are so big that eddie doesnt even try to play with them because he is terrified... he is scared of everything

Next post... other pictures...



Hi Beckaboo, I bought a newer computer which mis faster and better, so I haven't been on line. I just caught up with all of you news and it seems like things are going pretty good. Thanks for the pictures. It really helps to get a idea of the people and area where you are. We miss you a lot. Gram and I went to the beach last week and as we passed the hot sand area you use to hang out in I looked for you. It was the first time IU was in the water in 3 years. I have to learn how to put pictures on so I can send some to you. Things are well here. The Ladies Aux. made about $33,000. this summer. So they have had a good year. Till next time we love you and think about you every day. Love Gramp

7:48 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

ewww...I REALLY dislike spiders. I am in awe of your master spider killing skills. Frogs as roommates! That's funny that Eddie doesn't mess with them, he seems so cute! It was SO awesome to talk to you a few weeks ago, think of you often. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!


7:02 PM  
Blogger KateMV said...

Hi there, nice photos. This is Kate MV from 117. Your mom posted a nice comment on my blog so I thought I'd come visit yours. Hope to see more on it soon!

6:41 AM  

Gram said hi and to tell you we are experiencing hurrcane Ernesto. We are getting lots of rain and wind. This has been the worst week of the summer. Tommorrow is the shower for Jamie. She is on her way up. we hope she does not have bad weather comming.
Your mother has every thing under control. If you know what I mean. Time to close the tent. We hate it. We love and miss you. Gram & Gramp. 9-1-06

10:05 AM  

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