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Thursday, January 18, 2007

2 times in 1 week i know its amazing

So I'm figuring that while i have internet access i should take advantage of it
Here are some old pictures from site and other places enjoy...

These are some of the kids from my neighborhood... they were the ones who seranaded me in May (right after I moved into my house) with a fantastic rendition of "Jingle Bells" (The kid in the front left corner is absolutely adorable in this picture)

This is Bow she is the kid that spends ALL of her free time at my house... the only way to keep her out is to close my gate/front door... she is so cute and i play Phase 10 dice with her on a weekly basis, by the way she is 11

These are some of my Volunteer friends... The weird hand thing is something that many kids do in thailand if you take their picture... so we adopted it.

Also just as an update... My cat Eddie was killed by the dogs outside my house about 3 months ago... since then i have gotten another cat her name is Maybelle (named by Wesley) with the nickname of May... she is terribly cute... and i will post a picture of her at some point... i would say soon but we all know that would be a lie... ;)

alright bye again
love ya miss ya

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sorry... Nuf said

I know I know its been forever and im sorry... but with the horrible internet access at my site and such its hard... although i know 4 months is pushing it...
Well i went to India and then came back... several months ago
It was amazing although i was still happy to come back to Thailand the only thing that would have been better would have been getting to come to America to see everyone...
My mom is currently in Thailand but not with me... she is doing her Healing the Children gig in Bangkok, although i was able to tag along for a couple of days and it was amazing... while I prepare for my first big event/project in Peace Corps, the HIV/AIDS Camp that Wesley and I are planning that is going to be held next week... mom will be flying up to me on Saturday for a week of "Becky is Super Busy" Fun.
Also the night that Mom flew in the new group of Trainees came in, so my mom came to the airport to greet them with all of us... and here are some pictures. Sorry they are so small... I took them from a friend's website...

Lets spin Paulo around in a luggage cart after a few beers and see if its still a good idea afterword... The answer to that is... NO ( the other two dudes in this picture are Tex and Mark)

Bonnie and I with some welcome signs

This is my friend Welcome... as you can see she was amazingly creative with the sign she came up with.

And then as the buses with the new Trainees left we felt that the situation warrented a dance session...

well I have been here for a year already and I only have 15 months to go... before you know it ill be back stateside to bother y'all in person... but for the time being...
I love you and miss you
See most of you in July when I come home to see Sab tie the knot

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ko Samet and a SURPRISE for Jacki and Rob

I went to Ko Samet in August for a Thai Youth Theatre meeting with a bunch if other volunteers and these are some of the pictures... Enjoy!

We went for a walk to see more of the coast and it was beautiful... and there are Wesley and Liesbeth taking pictures too... OOPS!

On another walk Wesley and I found... PUPPIES!!! and they were really cute and we played with them for a while... with the owners looking at us funny because we were adults playing with their dogs... generally here only kids play with dogs... oh well

at night the beach transforms with many places to sit with mats, pillows and tables... the places are either restaurants or bars and there were fire dancers... and I will steal pictures from Wesley's blog later ;)

The bungalows that we stayed in they werent anything fancy... a bed, cold shower, but there were western toilets which was GREAT!

around sunset

this is everyone that went...
in the back left Sarah, Wesley and Katie
Then Merissa, Liesbeth, Natalie, Emily and then ME

So a few days ago, I walked over to the calender I have on my wall, I wasnt paying attention because I tripped over Eddie and I looked up and this thing scared the &*$@ out of me... I screamed and ran away... I am such a wimp... I didnt have the heart to kill it since it was missing a leg and was going to die anyway but I avoided that part of my house for a while... Yeah


Bud-Bud and Rob spooning... Jacki sent me a couple of pictures and I thought this one was funny/cute...

I really do amuse myself with this blog...
anyway I have to get out of here now... but
I love and miss you all...
Next post India (or maybe one before that if the internet at my office isnt too slow and I can get a computer without getting in the way of work being done)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Long Time No Talk- Part 2

Pictures from places other than site... friends... yes i have them

from the Left Welcome, Donna, Me, Mary

outside of a Mexican restaurant... mmmm Mexican

Me and my roomie from San fransisco, PST, and PST2 Barb... I love this woman... this is us at the... i would type it but y'all can read it on the wall behind us...

Me at an English Camp me and Ajung Garuna teaching the kids about traffic signs in English... Yes kids as young as 8 learn how to drive motorcycles...

also this is a picture of me actually doing something... Woo Hoo

Also at the English Camp...
Thai kids like to dance... a lot... what i dont show is Wesley doing the same thing to my left

Mr Ruth is Wesley's fat cat... he sits like a man too

We went to a ceremony for Wan-Meh (Mother's Day)... we spent our time taking pictures of each other with 1500 Thai people around... some, wait no... most of them looking at us

this is one of those pictures...

I love all you guys and im sorry i havent kept this updated as well as i should

Peace out

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Long Time No Talk- Part 1

Sorry about the blank post, everything that could have gone wrong in the internet cafe... did in the past 3 weeks...

so this post is pictures from site...

the little girl on the right is one of my favorite kids at the daycare... when i go in there she is the first to come running across the room to attack me... i love it

There was a talent show at the school in my town... one of my little girls that I play Uno with asked me to come and watch her dance... she is not in this picture but these kids look so funny... i know thats mean but they do... the little boy in the red in front of the girls is singing into the mic

these kids also look funny and the dancer all the way on the right in the blue was the best out of all of them... and he is a boy... here in thailand they are called gatuis... or ladyboys... and they are great... they may dress like girls but they are still boys... this one threatened to punch another boy who was making fun of him

these three are dressed in traditional thai dress... the one in the orange outfit in the middle is the one i came to see... i almost didnt recognize her with all that make-up on

a bunch of teachers from my school

this is the huge spider that gave me a heart attack the first night that i slept in my house... I was on the phone with my friend Bonnie and i saw it run along the wall... I screamed and killed it with a flip-flop... then i took this picture of it next to a business card... now just imagine it with its super long legs stretched out and long and ewww....

This is my new roomie... i have 3 or 4 huge frogs living in my front room... they are so big that eddie doesnt even try to play with them because he is terrified... he is scared of everything

Next post... other pictures...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My First English Camp

This past weekend I went to my first English Camp at my friend Wesley's school, and it was so much fun... the point of an English Camp is to play games and sing songs and get kids interested and excited to learn english... which is very hard since most of the kids in the schools never use english in their daily lives and most of them dont get help with school work at home... It was two and a half days and the Volunteers there were wesley, arnold, brian and me, the kids were 11-12 years old and the little girls liked to ask me if i have a boyfriend (and then after PCV guys arrived, telling me that they thought they were cute and asking if they had girlfriends) and they laughed when i told them i dont have a boyfriend and i dont want one because i dont have time
I also went to my first thai funeral with pee-lan this past week because i happened to go to her house for dinner and she had to go to the wat (temple) after dinner so she invited me, funerals here are very different, they go on for several days more that funerals in america, the "service" consists of 4 monks chanting for about half an hour, and another thing is that in addition to flowers on the coffin, thais also like to put blinky christmas lights there as well, as new cultural experiences go, this one was one of the most interesting and different,
my birthday is this week and the girls at my office dont want me to miss home on that day, so they have decided to throw me a party... there will be chocolate cake, lots of food and i am sure a kareoke machine
I have PST2 coming up in a week and we are going to southern thailand to the beach... life is so hard sometimes...
Things i have in the works right now(even if just in my brain)
- HIV/AIDS Camp for thai high school kids
- world map project (conjoined with a local history project with the kids at the high school)
- and TYT (Thai Youth Theatre) with an English Club at a school in my Amphur

things that i have realized...
- you can be married off without actually meeting a guy as long as the mother likes you enough (one of the teachers at the English kept telling me that she has a son who is 25 and she kept calling me her daughter-in-law)
- it is impossible to get half an hour to myself after getting home in the afternoon, due to the 5- 11 year old girls who stake out my house after they get home from school so they can come over to talk to me before i even get to put my bag down (although they are so cute and sweet, i dont mind all that much)
- that i am HORRIBLE at the humdinger cards in the boardgame Cranium
- it is amazing how much people can care about you even though you cant really speak the same language (ie- the thai people at my site)
- that after a bad, frustrating day, one phone conversation in english can make everything better
- my nayoke has no rythm, we started aerobics at my office and for some reason the 45ish man decided to join in with the women, (just try to imaging the mayor of your town jumping up and down like, and with, a bunch of girls) this memory is in my top 3 funniest things i have seen at site since my arrival

i love you and miss you

Friday, June 09, 2006

New/ Not so New Pictures

Just a little up date... This week I have began learning how to read thai if you have seen the alphabet you will understand how difficult this will be so far I can remember 21 of the 76 letters... yeah i know there are a lot...
This morning I got a call from my pregnant sister she is going to have a little girl in October... thats right y'all im gonna be Aunt Becky... scary but i am excited, as one of my friends here said... "you are going to spoil the (pardon my language family) shit out of that kid aren't you"... and my response was "you got that right"
now for pictures...
first and formost... Eddie

I like this picture of myself better than the other one that i have where eddie looks cuter... so this one makes the blog

Eddie was being a lovey with my friend Wesley, who is the guy who got eddie for me

He is so cute... i love him

This is a very unhappy eddie after i had to give him a bath the day after i got him... he was so smelly i had to do it

And now the inside of my house (these pictures are dark sorry):

the main room/ kitchen/ dining room

my huge bed with my mosquito net... i know its exciting

my bathroom... yes i take cold bucket showers and its not very fun

alright this computer is being slow and i am being an impatient american...
so other pictures are gonna have to wait
love y'all