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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hey I'm back!!!

Sorry it's been so long, I am in Kampaeng Phet visiting a friend and I have some time to go to the internet cafe, we have recently gotten internet back in my office at site but it is so slow that it's not worth it...
lets see...
about a week ago I moved into my own house, which is interesting since I have NEVER lived alone before and what a better time to start but in a foreign country where I can not communicate without a dictionary... I dont mean to scare anyone, i just found that ironic
What else
it is getting to be planting season so the villagers in my community are heading out to the field to plant the rice, sugarcane, casava, and Bananas that they make their living on,
and it is also getting into the rainy season, and I am okay with that because it was getting extremely HOT.
well my life isnt all that exciting at site, EX: yesterday I spent around 4 hours doing a 600 peace jigsaw puzzle of the japanese cartoon Doreman, with Luk-ete, and i really enjoyed it
After the super exciting puzzle adventure, I went with my host family to a Buddist Ceremony at the Wat in town, I dont remember the name of the ceremony and Im not sure what it was for, but it was beautiful, it was dark out and we all had incents, candles and flowers and we followed the monks around the wat while they chanted
Then I had people looking at me, because I look different, or as i like to call it... funny...
I have to say I now understand what it is like to a minority now (only with a lot of pointing and yelling Farang)
alright well my friend just got here to meet me... Say Hi Wesley (and he says "Hi")
Bye everyone
I love you and Miss you all